Samples for Intel oneAPI toolkits
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oneAPI Samples

The oneAPI-samples repository contains samples for the Intel® oneAPI Toolkits.

The version of the repository you use should match the version of the Intel® oneAPI Toolkit you have installed, particularly for the compilers.

The latest versions of code samples on the master branch are not guaranteed to be stable. Use a stable release version of the repository.

Repository Structure

The oneAPI-sample repository is organized by high-level categories.

Known Issues and Limitations


  • If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, you must use Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4.0 or newer.
  • Windows support for the FPGA code samples is limited to the FPGA emulator and optimization reports. Only Linux supports FPGA hardware compilation. See any FPGA code sample for more details.
  • If you encounter Error MSB6003 The specified task executable ... could not be run... when building a sample program, it might be due to the length of the directory path. Move the sample to a temp directory with a shorter path and recompile.


See and the Contributing a New Sample wiki page for more information.


Code samples are licensed under the MIT license. See License.txt for details.

Third-party program Licenses can be found here: third-party-programs.txt.