MindsDB is a Server for Artificial Intelligence Logic. Enabling developers to ship AI powered projects to production in a fast and scalable way.
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Short description of current behavior i'm getting the {'title': 'UNKNOWN', 'detail': "HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=47334): Read timed out. (read timeout=120)"} error while using the rest api Video or screenshots No response Expected behavior No response H...
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Short description of current behavior При подключении ошибка: Ошибка подключения к базе данных: (2003, "Не удается подключиться к серверу MySQL на ''") Ошибка обработки сообщения: Объект 'NoneType' не поддерживает протокол асинхронного менеджера контекста Video or screenshots No res...
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Is there an existing integration? I have searched the existing integrations. Use Case This integration will allow users to connect to cube using MindsDB. Motivation create AI-table from data model data team prepare consolidate AI-table as data model Implementation No response...