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Controller D-Pad is not active unless GUI is opened once

Raspberry Pi 4 with Manjaro Linux. Running AmigaOS 3.2.1

I changed the joystick settings in the amiberry version 5.0 (2022-03-20) menu under "custom controls" and saved them in my default.uae.

After a restart, however, the old values are restored. I've tried that three times now. Obviously the joystick settings are not saved.

Cheers Retro1968


  1. Can't say I can recreate this. I added a setting in Custom Controls on an unmapped button, saved the config as default and then closed down Amiberry.
    When I start it up again, the config is loaded and I can see my setting in Custom Controls, as expected.

    You'll have to be more specific in what you did.

  2. On the first picture you can see that my joystick is recognized as a "PS3 Controller".

    On the second picture you can see the standard settings under "Custom controls".

    I now change the standard settings as follows and then save them in the file default.uae

    Now that I've closed and restarted amiberry 5.0 (2022-03-20), you can see the result here. The standard settings under "Custom controls" are displayed again.

  3. But your modified settings did get saved, as you can see in the South/East/West/North dropdowns.
    You set the rest to None, which basically means "no custom mapping", but as the default controller mapping is always loaded first, you see those default assignments show up again.

    Custom Controls is meant for customizing the default mapping. If no customization is applied, then the default mapping is still used. The logic is like this:

    • Load default map for controller
    • Check if any custom controls are set, and modify mapping accordingly. Otherwise leave it alone.
  4. So now I've tested it again. I was surprised that the first four settings on the third screenshot were indeed saved corecctly. That was a config in which I had not set much, almost just the joystick settings. I then configured everything and while playing Zool AGA I was surprised that ingame the controls no longer responded and the above standard values (second screenshot) were also set for the first four values (up, down, left, right.) After that I had changed these first four settings again several times into the values as above... saved... and then exited amiberry and started again. Everything (including the first four values) was set to standard again under Custom controls (second screenshot). Saving no longer works. I'll send you my default.uae

    I wonder, because these entries in the defaut.uae seems to be correct:

    joyport1_amiberry_custom_none_a=Joy2 Down
    joyport1_amiberry_custom_none_b=Joy2 Right
    joyport1_amiberry_custom_none_x=Joy2 Left
    joyport1_amiberry_custom_none_y=Joy2 Up

    but i still see the settings from screenshot 2 under custom controls and the controls still don't work in games.

  5. I'm a bit confused as to what you're trying to do here...
    The mapping you're trying to set seems incorrect, as you're configuring the A/B/Y/X buttons to directional ones (Up/Down/Left/Right), and trying to set everything else to None. Even so, changing the mapping of the A/B/Y/X buttons still works, at least in my tests here. It's only setting the default ones to None, that doesn't work (reverts back to the default value if you try that).

    Could you please explain what the reasoning behind this is? Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems to me that you'd always want the default mapping OR you could re-assign buttons of course, but I don't see a reason you'd want to remove a mapping from the defaults and set it to None?

  6. This is my "Arcade Fighting Stick" where I swapped out the cheap microswitches in the joystick with "Cherry D44X" microswitches, swapped out the cheap buttons with "SANWA OBSF-30 Snap In Acrade Buttons" and rewired.


    The part is really good now!

    To answer your question, it is recognized as a PS3 joystick, but of course it isn't one.
    So far, my joystick has always worked fine when configured as described above.

    I give you my default.uae here, which also ran well in amiberry 5.0... at least up to the version (2022-03-20).

  7. I think I've found the solution... and a bug.

    First I created a new default.uae in which I configured everything I needed. Finally, I made the joystick settings.

    This time under "Port 0: System Mouse" I changed the "Default" option to "Wheel Mouse" and under "Port 1: PS3 Controller" the "Default" option to "Joystick".

    After that, the Custom Controls were set up automatically like this.

    I didn't change anything and was able to use my joystick in the game without any problems.

    But as soon as I exit amiberry and restart afterwards I can no longer control the game with my joystick. Only when I go to the menu with F12 and leave it immediately with "Resume" and am back in the game does the joystick control work again. Isn't that strange?!?... because I'm only in the menu and immediately out again without changing anything in the settings.

    Alternatively, I can also go to the menu immediately after restarting amiberry and exit again immediately with Resume, and only then start the game so that the joystick control works in the game.

    So amiberry (2022-03-20) has the bug that the joystick control only works in the game if you have been briefly in the menu before, don't change anything and immediately leave the menu again with "Resume"!

    Voila ;-)

    Any ideas how to fix that?

    Regardless, the fire button always works.

  8. Do you need a default.uae for other things as well? What happens if you rename it?
    The default joystick mapping always applies, and by default if you have a controller connected it will be assigned to Port 1, so it's designed to work right away, without loading a special config.

    Unless of course you want to modify the mapping, but let's take it one step at a time...

    Step 1: How's the behavior for you without a default.uae
    Step 2: How about saving your config under a different name, and loading that on-demand (or even from the command prompt). Does that make a difference?

  9. I don't know if you understood the current problem. I now used the default settings, which work.

    Now there is the problem that I have to go into the menu every time in order to leave it again immediately (without changing the settings), for the controls to work in the game. It's a bug, isn't it?

  10. I don't think so, considering I cannot recreate that behavior here :)
    The default settings should work "out-of-the-box" for a controller like the PS3 (or similar), without the need for a default.uae to set them.

    How are you launching the emulator exactly, when this problem happens?
    Are you using a config file which has the GUI disabled, or running it from the command line with -G, or something else?