Application with offline storage for tracking Jira tasks time
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What is it? 📽️

  • time task tracker is webapp for tracking time without server synchronization
  • all the data is stored in the local storage - no problems with synchronization
  • automatically makes transforms jira ids to urls
  • each time entry has checkbox for flagging the task already logged in jira

Application 🔗

You can check the app here.

Contribute 🧑‍💻

My env:

  • node version 16.14.0 (working on 18.X too)
  • npm version 8.3.1

Developing the app:

  • clone app and run npm install
  • start the app with npm start
  • on macos I had to fix husky permissions (pre push checks)
chmod ug+x .husky/*
chmod ug+x .git/hooks/*
  • test with npm test
  • format code with prettier with npm run format
  • lint code with npm run lint

Features ✨

  • tracking time
  • editing existing time entry (changing text, start time and stop time)
  • removing entries
  • marking entries as logged in jira