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[BUG] [QUESTION] progress bar greater than 100% not complete

Describe the bug

if the value exceeds 100% the progress bar does not display anything, do you think this is normal operation, or am i doing something wrong ? (open question)

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. use <x-adminlte-progress theme="teal" value="2083.48" animated with-label/>
  2. See error image

must be full : image


Item Version
Laravel 9.0

Additional context

to work around force the value to 100

@if($Task->progress() > 100 )
  <x-adminlte-progress theme="teal" value="100" animated/>
  <x-adminlte-progress theme="teal" value="{{ $Task->progress() }}" animated/>


  1. @billyboy35 I will check this out, maybe we can add some checks over the value attribute.

  2. @billyboy35 sure, the change should be easy to implement, just add additional checks to the Progress Component constructor. Actually, it just check that the value property is between 0 and 100, otherwise it will be set as 0. In the new version, we should check if the value is below to 0 or above to 100 to set it as 0 or 100 respectively...