Easy AdminLTE integration with Laravel
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Now in Laravel 9 vite is the default asset builder:

Can you please add support to vite in this library?


  1. Hi @kungro , you have the possibility of publishing the package views to add such a customization. If you manage to implement the support, not conflicting with other previous feature, then you may create a pull request to include it on this package. Or you can share the changes you have done here so we can check what's need to be done on the package. I will be pleased of doing this in the future, but I'm currently out of time...

  2. @kungro Usually, when I use this package I create a base layout for the entire web application (in resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php). So, to use vite I think you may create a base layout pushing the vite blade directive into the css section provided by this package, as shown on the next example:

    {{-- Extends the AdminLTE page layout  --}}
    {{-- Browser Title --}}
        {{ config('adminlte.title') }}
        @hasSection('subtitle') | @yield('subtitle') @endif
    {{-- Page Content Header --}}
            <h1 class="text-muted">
                    <small class="text-lightblue">
                        <i class="fas fa-xs fa-angle-right text-muted"></i>
    {{-- Page Content Body --}}
    {{-- Page Footer --}}
        <div class="float-right d-none d-sm-block">
            {{-- Version number here --}}
           {{-- Company name here --}}
    {{-- Extra common CSS --}}
        @vite(['resources/css/app.css', 'resources/js/app.js'])

    Then, all your views should extend from this layout and use the sections provided by this new layout, example:

    {{-- Include plugins --}}
    @section('plugins.OnePluginForThisView', true)
    @section('plugins.AnotherPluginForThisView', true)
    {{-- Customize layout sections --}}
    @section('subtitle', "The browser's subtitle")
    @section('content_header_title', "The view title")
    @section('content_header_subtitle', "The view subtitle")
    {{-- Content body: main page content --}}
        {{-- The main markup of the view here --}}

    I hope this helps you!