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There are non-blocking comments/discussions in #5904. Created this issue to track each of those. When running integration test locally, I have to add two env variables ENABLE_CRI_SANDBOXES="" CONTAINERD_RUNTIME=runc. This shouldn't be necessary. container_update_resources.go should be platform agno...
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Description Windows HostProcess containers do not inherit the same Windows OS version compactivity requirements as regular Windows Server containers. This means that a HostProcess container built can run on any Windows Server version. The existing logic in the image platform matching code only retur...
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Description Hi, I'm suspecting flakiness in integration tests. PR #7418 (blockio fix/improvement), that does not affect containerd behavior in these tests, fails Linux integration 2. Steps to reproduce the issue Trigger integration tests in CI. Describe the results you received and expected Test fai...