Laravel job listing app
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LaraGigs app

An app for listing Laravel gigs/jobs. This project is from my YouTube "Laravel From Scratch 2022" course.

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Database Setup

This app uses MySQL. To use something different, open up config/Database.php and change the default driver.

To use MySQL, make sure you install it, setup a database and then add your db credentials(database, username and password) to the .env.example file and rename it to .env


To create all the nessesary tables and columns, run the following

php artisan migrate

Seeding The Database

To add the dummy listings with a single user, run the following

php artisan db:seed

File Uploading

When uploading listing files, they go to "storage/app/public". Create a symlink with the following command to make them publicly accessible.

php artisan storage:link

Running The App

Upload the files to your document root, Valet folder or run

php artisan serve


The LaraGigs app is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.