Spring Cloud Alibaba provides a one-stop solution for application development for the distributed solutions of Alibaba middleware.
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我们鼓励使用英文,如果不能直接使用,可以使用翻译软件,您仍旧可以保留中文原文。另外请按照如下要求提交相关信息节省社区维护同学的理解成本,否则该讨论极有可能直接被忽视或关闭。 We recommend using English. If you are non-native English speaker, you can use the translation software. We recommend using Eng...
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Source code with file header such as /* * Copyright 2013-2019 the original author or authors. * should be updated to: /* * Copyright 2013-2023 the original author or authors. * Modules such as spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-governance-auth has wrong license copyright info. It should sth. like: /...