StarRocks is a next-gen sub-second MPP database for full analytics scenarios, including multi-dimensional analytics, real-time analytics and ad-hoc query.
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Steps to reproduce the behavior (Required) DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS w0; CREATE DATABASE w0; USE w0; admin set frontend config ("enable_decimal_v3" = "true"); CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS t0 (c_0_0 VARCHAR(31) NULL ,c_0_1 DECIMAL(9, 1) NULL ,c_0_2 ARRAY<INT> NOT NULL ,c_0_3 ARRAY<STRING> N...
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Metabase connector request Metabase is the BI tool with the friendly UX and integrated tooling to let your company explore data on their own I created a feature request on Metabase repository too metabase/metabase#28081 ⬇️ Please click the 👍 reaction instead of leaving a +1 or update? comment