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Pronunced as 'Maxine' with an extra L. wakatime


  • You don't stop doing things because you grow old. You grow old because you stop doing things. @TinyAdapter
  • Everything seems easy when someone told you how.
  • Done is better than perfect.


  1. Love semantic and concise code, pythonic supporter.
  2. Love structuralized more than non-structuralized, especially for writings.
  3. Love simple and extensible programs more than fancy but slow ones.
  4. Hate boring work.

Commit History

Thanks to cool project CatsJuice/ssr-contributions-img from friend of JikeApp!

Explanation About Empty Repositories

You may discover that there are so many empty repositories created by me. These are the ideas✨ come across me in my daily life. In the past i wrote them on memos or blogs, but now here is more appropriate to collect them. Hope these ideas✨ would inspire you somehow :)

Due to the limitation of energy and skills, few of them were actually carried out, but I will fight to do more.

The repositories marked with my star⭐ are ongoing!