100 Days of Code Challenge Code

As the name suggests, this repository is where I am storing my code for my 100 days of code journey. For my challenge, I am modifying the rules a bit and will be doing more than 100 days of code. First, I am not settling for simply 100 days, I will be going for 1,000 days of coding.

I will code 6 days a week (no Sundays) either until I get a job or I hit 1,000 days whichever comes last. So, if I get a job in 500 days, I will still continue this journey until I hit 1,000 days.

I am taking Sundays off each week for two reasons.

  1. As this is a marathon coding challenge (one that will last for longer than a year) I need to prepare myself to continue for the longrun, thus taking breaks will be good.
  2. I am a highly religious person, and I want Sunday to worship and otherwise relax.

I look forward to sharing this journey with all who choose to join me in it.

The 100 days of code challenge was created by Alexander Kallaway in 2016 and you can read about the rules on his site at