Web tool for project time tracking.
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PhpReport is a web application for time tracking, which provides useful statistics about users, projects, and more.

The application is focused on companies or any situation where multiple people collaborate on projects. PhpReport allows managers to see project-level statistics such as cost and deviation, as well as user-level statistics like number of days worked and unused vacation days.

Finally, PhpReport can communicate with external applications, like ERPs or desktop tools for personal time-tracking, by means of plugin development or through the exposed web services.

Get PhpReport

Download PhpReport from our releases page.

Then follow the instructions in the administrator manual to install it or to upgrade from an earlier release.


There is documentation for users and system administrators, it comes packaged with every release. Additionally, there is documentation intended for developers in the project repository, together with the latest version of user and admin documents:

More information

Check out the PhpReport project in GitHub to learn about new releases, browse the documentation, report issues or fetch the latest source code.


The project is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

This software includes code and assets from other open source projects:


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