Interactive data analytics
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If you Forked it, Support it

A growing number of viewers are looking for high quality, professional content on Dash, which is hard to find. I am trying to fill that gap and help you grow in the area of analytic web apps in Python.

My goal is to make this a sustainable project for myself and my viewers. This repository and my Charming Data channel is a 100% member-supported educational channel. Your support would mean a lot to me 🙏


This Repository is dedicated to teaching Dash and Plotly to anyone that is interested. Dash is a powerful platform that can benefit anyone that works with data: analytical consultants, data analysts, professors, business owners, financial analysts, or those that work in marketing, social media, the medical field... If you work with data, Dash Plotly is a great tool to have.


I recommend installing pandas, since you will most likely use it.

$ pip install pandas

Then, just install Dash. Plotly comes with Dash

$ pip install dash

If you'd like to control the version of Plotly installed, you can do for example:

$ pip install plotly==5.7.0

To Get Help

This is a wonderful community of people dedicated to supporting others learning Dash. You can find me there as well under the name CharmingData.

Execute Code in Browser

If you prefer to run the code of this repository directly online instead of on your computer, paste my Workspace link into your browser and follow the gif below.

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