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Azure Machine Learning Python SDK notebooks

a community-driven repository of examples using mlflow for tracking can be found at

Welcome to the Azure Machine Learning Python SDK notebooks repository!

Getting started

These notebooks are recommended for use in an Azure Machine Learning Compute Instance, where you can run them without any additional set up.

However, the notebooks can be run in any development environment with the correct azureml packages installed.

Install the azureml.core Python package:

pip install azureml-core

Install additional packages as needed:

pip install azureml-mlflow
pip install azureml-dataset-runtime
pip install azureml-automl-runtime
pip install azureml-pipeline
pip install azureml-pipeline-steps

We recommend starting with one of the quickstarts.


This repository is a push-only mirror. Pull requests are ignored.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. Please see the code of conduct for details.