ML for GL - A complete Julialang ERP Data Science framework for Finance, Supply chain accounting


ML for GL - Machine Learning for General Ledger



Machine learning for General Ledger provide a complete Data Science framework for Finance Data Analytics. Scope of this package includes Finance General Ledger, sub-ledgers, accounting entries analytics and complex Data Science operations using The language.

In future, This package will support all data science computations for a complete Procure2Pay, Order2Cash, including Procurement life cycle business operations.
i.e. Orders -> Requisitions -> Procurement -> Inventory cycle counting -> Match Exceptions -> Receivables -> Accounts Payable/Billing -> GL Accounting -> General Ledger book keeping.

Finance General Ledger sits at core of ERP systems and supporting sub-ledger/accounting entries/details are necessary to accurately predict/analyze complete General Ledger functionalities.

note -> all sub-ledger/domain specific account will be covered in their own domains like Procure2Pay.jl TaxAnalytics.jl

Package Documentation include tutorials, example Pluto notebooks, how Julia with Pluto as an Enterprise Reporting tool provide a cohesive data platform for real-time, reactive/observable, ad-hoc and analytical, predictive analytics reporting for ERP systems.

A typical ERP system consists of many modules based on business domain, functions and operations. GL is the core of Finance and Supply chain domains like Buy to Pay, Order to Cash deal with different business operations in an Organization. Many organizations use ERPs in different ways and may choose to implement all or some of the modules.

Read, Write and Understand and three different aspects of ERP data, while these ERP systems master write part", Julia languages is the language for data science operations and large datasets numerical computing.

Julia language provide a range of packages suitable for data loading, data wrangling, transformation, predictive analytics to perform all ERP business processes reporting & analytics.

This project is open for funding/sponsorship.
email: [email protected]
next planned release: v0.20 Aug 26, 2021.
planned feature requests:
    v0.20 Bug fixes, enhance ELT, ETL Datawarehouse support
    v0.30 real time Visualizations
    v0.30 real time null hypothesis
    v0.40 Light Graphs/Network science analysis
    v0.60 Blockchain distributed ledger
    v0.70 bug fixes
    v1.00 final stable release

Development plan:

  • Introduction | Complete
  • About General Ledger | Complete
  • GL Processes | WIP ETA 01/22/23
  • ERD | Complete
  • ETL vs ELT, Data warehouse vs Data Lake | WIP ETA 02/28/23
  • Self service data analytics | WIP ETA 03/31/23 - Fix Plots, images, Graphs
  • Visualizations, Buttons, sliders, filters, n-D plots, plots vs graphs | WIP ETA 03/31/23 - Fix Plots, images, Graphs
  • p-value, null hypothesis and real time analytics (onlinestats) | WIP ETA 07/31/23
  • Time Series, Impact analysis | WIP ETA 07/31/23
  • Machine learning for General Ledger | WIP ETA 07/31/23
  • NLP for GL | WIP ETA 07/31/23
  • Graph theory, network science | WIP ETA 07/31/23

ERP Modules

GL Processes