Error Importing the COVID vaccination table

Hello Alex! Great content on YouTube, Please I am experiencing some issues with importing the table into SQL. I was able to do the covid deaths table, but the covid vaccination table keeps displaying an error message, Kindly find attached a screenshot of the error page. Please how do I rectify this error?

Sql Import Error #bug


  1. Hey! I faced the same thing , So what i've done is , I imported the CovidVaccinations.Xlsx into another database and then exported it into the PortforlioProject Database And it worked.
    For exporting into another database , follow this link

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hey there! If importing Excel datasets with SSMS follow these steps to avoid any errors:

    1. Save the Excel sheets/dataset as a workbook file (.xlsx format) on your device
    2. Import the data stepwise as shown by Alex
    3. Ensure Excel version matches the one you are using (my case its 2016 so I set it to Excel version 2016)
    4. Preview data in the "Select source table and views" step to check the data structure if its correct
    • Tip: You can also edit the table name in the "Destination column" during the "Select source tables & views" step

    The wizard should successfully import the required tables without any errors. To my knowledge SSMS only accepts .xlsx files and not .csv files. This is avoided when working with Azure Data Studio which is an extension product of SSMS.

    Attached a snippet of the end result. Hope this helps anyone who want to resolve this issue!


  3. it is hard for me to use SSMS, because my computer is Mac, I don't know how to download it, very sad.

  4. I'm using MySql Workbench and while importing the file I'm getting an error saying row import failed (error:" incorrect integer value for column total_cases at row 1",1366). Please help me out.

  5. I had a lot of trouble importing the files as excel. I converted them to csv on google sheets and imported as a flat file. It worked.

  6. I don't know why but my MySQL workbench took almost half a day to import the CSV files but I'm glad my patience paid off and the project turned out real cool